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Our manifesto

Hi forward-thinking people leader.

Close your eyes. (But keep reading, of course)

Imagine the following with me, will you?

How would you feel if six months from now, your people talk about their growth, goals and strengths with ease. Teams exchange feedback on the spot. Managers have constructive, motivating conversations with their reports. Career advancement is transparent, fair and unbiased – no painful surprises. In short: you've built a high-growth culture.

Come on - you'd be a rockstar!

Ok. Back to reality. You're working hard towards that transformation, right? You've got modern software to support 360 feedback. You've made a comprehensive competency and career progression framework. Feedback practices are a core part of your onboarding. You give training and workshops. Ticked all the boxes. Your employees are well equipped. In theory.

So why are those 1:1s still just about content? Why can you still hear that collective groan when the performance cycle rolls around? Why do you still see a frenzy of activity in your performance management tool the week evaluations are due, basically bringing regular work to a standstill?

It's not your fault. Building a feedback habit is hard. For most employees, these conversations are just plain awkward. (As you know all too well, not everyone was born with your great people skills.)

Plus, the reality of the modern workday is stacked against you. Your teams work under the pressure of looming deadlines. Is it any wonder that they don't log into some external system to ask for feedback every week?

It's clear that the performance game needs a shake-up.

For employees, you want to remove that first hump to get regular, relevant input from others. You want to get them over the tool fatigue by meeting your people right where they are (hot tip: that's not in an HR system…). And give tailored feedback coaching to each employee, building their conversational skill and confidence.

To managers, you also want to give superpower insights. Who is engaged, how the team is developing, what actions to take to keep them motivated. And, for heaven's sake, help managers write fair and unbiased reviews without the headache.

Unfortunately, you're just one person. You can't be that personal trainer to every single one of your employees.

But we can.

Pandria transforms performance management because we act as a personal feedback coach to each employee. Pandria does not rely on employees to take the first awkward step. Our AI asks for relevant feedback on their behalf - at just the right time, distributed fairly, and in the most personalised way.

It coaches your team members on how to have growth conversations, tailoring its advice to their unique context and personality, and to your company culture. Pandria works where your people work: in conversation, directly on your work chat app, like Slack or Teams.

Then, Pandria synthesises feedback into growth reports along your own competency framework. Imagine automating the review process while removing recency bias. Pandria makes each review traceable to real observations discussed by real humans. Finally, Pandria feeds you and your managers just the right insights and actions to keep growing.

That's how Pandria turns your managers into performance experts. (And you into a people leader rockstar, of course).

Eva van der Brugge
Eva van der Brugge
Founder & CEO